Yo’s R&D Lab in Queens, NY

The Yo's Way

All Initial building blocks are set with a strong foundation of LOVE and KINDNESS.

The way Yo's was created was from a seedling of a thought together with far reaching visions that has now grown into a movement beyond Froyo and into the realms of bring humanity together with love, kindness and empathy. Starting Yo's was a ground up mentality. Using a decades worth of in house R&D has enabled Yo's to invent New ideas, formulas, textures, tastes and delivering it all in a cute mini "FroYo DESIGN" which was once again founded in house from ground up. Every curve and every tip was meticulously put together without any compromise. As far as Ingredients goes, Yo's uses the most premium and hard to find ingredients ranging from an absolutely exquisite frozen yogurt formula and often coupled with the most delicious mouth watering organic fruit purée to create an awakening of your taste buds which in turn Creates One of the most satisfying and pleasurable snacks you could ever imagine.

That last sentence is a guarantee by me, Haskell Noah Founder/Creator/President of Yo's FroYo Bites.

It all starts with the most delicious Tart Frozen Yogurt base.

The next ingredient is the worlds tastiest organic puree

These two amazing ingredients are combined!

These two ingredients are blended to perfection...

Getting ready for pouring.

Mold pouring during R&D stage in the Yo's Lab.

Frozen FroYos!

The final product