Our Story
Wait a minute...CRUNCHY FroYo?
That's right! Crunchy freeze-dried froyo that will have you screaming for more! Bite down and feel the crunch or let every Yo’s® mini froyo bite melt away around your taste buds and enjoy a symphony of fruit and froyo together like never before!
What you are about to enjoy is the result of 9 years of non-stop R&D to create the ultimate snacking experience & America’s newest snack food company! I have searched the USA and the WORLD for the finest ingredients to ensure Yo’s are both delicious AND better for you compared to most other snacks!
Yo’s are made with 100% LOVE that you’ll surely taste.
Enjoy Yo-Self & Spread the Love.
How It's Made
Yo's uses the most premium and hard to find ingredients. Ranging from an absolutely exquisite frozen yogurt formula—masterly created by one of America's oldest and prestigious dairy farms—coupled with the most delicious mouth watering organic fruit purées. This combination produces an awakening of your taste buds, creating one of the most satisfying and pleasurable snacks you could ever imagine.
Where They Come From